Customer Reviews

Dustin Bueller  - More Connects to the right people in a speedy manner

Using ConnectLeader through Salesforce, I have the ability to prospect at a higher efficiency rate, allowing me to achieve higher results! 

Zach Pepin  - More Conversations, More Meetings, More Money

What do you like best?

As a Senior BDR in a challenging territory (west coast), team dialer allows me to make more connects, 

Vincent Alderman  - Efficient and effective

What do you like best?

"Love being able to automate my cold calls through this system..."

Michael Sanchez  - ConnectLeader for More Productive Inside Sales Reps

What do you like best?

"The time savings from making manual dials is amazing. Even with a dialer in your CRM or cadence tool,.."

Jason Hobart  - Great tool for productivity

What do you like best?

"The tool is a great tool to drive higher volumes of calls and efficiency..."

Dave Thomson  - Great product and the best way to get your group the most connections

"Last year we began working with ConnectLeader after using another dialing product through Salesforce..."

Peter Alexandrou  - Business Development Specialist

"Makes the cold calling aspect of outbound sales super easy and efficient.."

Kevin Hine  - Great Tool!

"ConnectLeader has been a very powerful tool for my team. It is simple to use and reliable."

Connor Arsenault  - Great Product, would be lost without it

"Makes cold calling a lot more bearable with it's ease of use and connectivity with Salesforce."

William Ferreira  - Great Experience!

This worked very well. Fantastic!

Mike Sanchez  - Great Productivity Tool for Sales Reps - Used it 3 times!

"I am a sales manager who has used ConnectLeader for my inside sales teams at 3 different companies..."

Josh Kirkham  - Great experience so far from a heavy user

"We got ConnectLeader when I first joined Vidyard. I use it for about 1.5 hours per day and have little to no issues with the system..."