Aubrey Serewicz  - Great Support
I was able to call in and talk to someone immediately. They solved my problem in no time. Great service! Clear instruction!
Michele Plunkett  - Awesome solution & fabulous partner!
We engaged ConnectLeader to solve a client dialer issue. WOW - so productive but beyond providing us with a great solution, they are amazing to work with. ConnectLeader truly has their client's interest at heart and works with them to support their own clients better than the client would expect!
Justin Pollock  - Great product and the best way to get your Sales Team the most connections
We started working with ConnectLeader over a year ago after several years of using another dialing system through Salesforce. The transition was smooth and easy and all of our Sales team was able to pick it up very quickly. The feature that has impressed me the most is the Team Dialer. Our reps would dial through our old system all day and have maybe 10 meaningful connects. With the team dialer, they're connecting to 6 or 7 decision makers an hour. A very powerful tool for getting in front of the right people quickly.
Renee Pierce  - I have nothing but positive things to say about this application.
Our Business Development Consultant is extremely happy with the application. Our company has already seen positive results! From an administrative standpoint, the mapping was virtually seamless between Salesforce and ConnectLead. ConnectLead support is quick to respond! Our customization requests have been handled within 24 hours. From the standpoint of senior management and sales reps, the reporting capabilities are invaluable. I have nothing but positive things to say about this application.
Christine Beck  - ConnectLeader for catching up
I am a new ConnectLeader user and I can't stop raving about it. In my experience as an IT Recruiter and now a Business Development Rep keeping up with the cadence of contacting people is so important. It usually takes 2-3,sometimes more tries to connect with someone. I have a long list of people I need to consistently reach out to. ConnectLeader is such a great tool because it's like having my own back up team. I can get through a 120 calls in an hour or less with a 7-10% pick up success rate which is huge. 

As someone who calls and leaves messages all day the recorded voicemail option is wonderful. I just record a generic voicemail and the dialer leaves it for me if no one picks up the call. I have found this to be an extremely helpful tool with quick response time. It makes my life much easier. I recommend ConnectLeader
Kevin Tighe  - Connect Dialer with Krystina Harwood - great customer support!

Krystina knows Connect Dialer and SalesForce extremely well. Krystina was able to diagnose quickly the problem and we were having. Connect Dialer is a very good application to make your sales force more productive.

Kevin Tighe
Checkpoint Technology

Jim Comer  - Outstanding Support
Quick shout out to Domenic of Connectleader support. Best in the Industry, period.
Neil Kumar  - Connect Leader Support & Training with SFDC
We purchased ConnectLeader earlier this year and migrated from another solution. We had some challenges with the way some of the records were being updated as it was being used with another partners workflow settings in SFDC. We engaged the support and training department, and Dominic was able to effectively take our questions and concerns and together help us resolve the work flow issues we had encountered. I would highly recommend using ConnectLeader for your personal or team dialing needs.
My Ada  - Great product....Increased our productivity by 500%
Using ConnectLeader allows my sales team to make 500+ calls a day (EACH). Before using ConnectLead my sales team could make up to 50 call on the high side. - Travis Rodgers (
Andy Steenstra  - Customization, flexibility, and support make this the best dialer on the market
Connect Leader is a highly customizable and flexible tool with its 3 types of dialing products. The customization and flexibility allows my team to target prospects with different contact approaches. This creates efficiency in our selling cycles and increases not only our productivity, but also our results.

Also, the Connect Leader support staff is a dream to work with. They are incredibly responsive and offer a level of support that is not seen in many companies today.
Kenneth Herskind  - Fantastic
Used a few click-to-dial apps so far, and this if the best. Also, customer support is fantastic!
Carl Andrade  - Great Product! Great Customer Service!

We have been using Connect Leader for a little while now. Using the team dialing service it has given us the ability to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. It is very user friendly and when you don't know something customer service is phenomenal. Krystina in customer service goes above and beyond to assist in any way possible....even sending screen shots to walk you through processes. When you reach out to her she answers usually within minutes. ##The sales person we work with is Rick Hussey. He is very knowledgeable of the product and works with you to understand the program that would work best for you!

Brendan Colliton  - Easy to use, great to work with
The ConnectLeader application is easy to use, and makes intelligent use of SalesForce's existing capabilities while vastly improving our outreach effectiveness. Beyond that, the team is responsive to customer needs and an excellent partner to our business.
Amy Kohl  - Scaling with Team Dialer

What do you like best? We are able to keep our team lean with their team dialer - our SDRs are making at least 1K dials a day and exceeding their booked meetings goals every sales period, which keeps our AE's pipelines full. Our high efficiency, automated model has helped our company grow and gain traction easily.

Jeff Hendricks   - Great dialer

ConnectLeader's Click-To-Dial and Personal Dialer have allowed my team to increase the amount of conversations they're having with prospects - leading to more opportunities entering the top of our funnel. It's a great tool for anyone looking to improve their efficiencies!

Peter Huston  - Great Product with Impeccable Support

We have been a happy Connect Leader for over 2 years now and could not maintain our successful sales growth without our partnership with the CL team. The tool and process allow our team to quickly and effectively increase connects through the use of both the Team Dialer functionality as well as short bursts with the Personal/Click dialer.

Ken Clements  - Great solution and service

This is our first experience using a dialer. ConnectLeader did a great job helping us get ramped up and ensuring we are making the most of our investment.

Kenneth Herskind  - Fantastic

Used a few click-to-dial apps so far, and this if the best. Also, customer support is fantastic!

Brian Newburn  - Works as advertised

We transitioned off another (more expensive) solution after significant issues that they could not correct. So far it has been a great experience. Our account manager (Rick) is a true professional.

Nigel Wright  - Awesome software and service

Platform is great. Dramatically increases my productivity. Bonus is great customer service.

Michael Bartlett   - Great Company Great Product

I really have enjoyed my all around experience with ConnectLeader. Our account manager understands he is selling to sales people and made it a relatively painless process. Not to mention all the support he and the team provided us in customizing the solution based on our salesforce attributes, ongoing training w/ new users and being open to …

Katie Lawrence  - Well Priced and Innovative

We transitioned from a similar company and have received better pricing, more functionality and better service with ConnectLeader.

Robert Perez  - Great experience so far with their product.Sales & Support teams are fantastic

We transitioned to ConnectLeader PersonalDialer/Click-to-call after numerous issues with our previous PowerDialer solution. I read a thread on a sales group I'm a member of (Modern Sales Salon) that spoke highly of ConnectLeader. We implemented there solution shortly thereafter, and have been very happy.

Joel Morales  - You're falling behind your competition without a tool like this...

It's ridiculous how much other companies charge for Local area code ID calling with Connectleader you get a strong dialing tool AND the Local ID area code call for MUCH less expensive than their competitors. Keep all of your Pre-recorded voicemails, Pre-typed emails and call logging all in one place.

Warwick Leitch  - Easy to use, great product

ConnectLeader is excellent. We went from manually dialing at a rate of about 30-50 calls per hour to over 100. We are able to rip through a list with ClickDialer so much faster than before. Obviously, productivity is twice as high. We also love how it opens up a view of the person we are calling for all the info we need.

James Tenner  - Broadleaf increases sales success with ConnectLeader

Broadleaf, a New England based VAR, has been using ConnectLeader for almost two years. We have been very pleased with the service. The ConnectLeader product has dramatically increased the productivity of our sales team. We are now able to reach out to significantly more prospects than we could before using the service.

Sierra Peoples  - Great Customer Service

I wrote into Connect Leader Support and quickly received a reply from Dominic in Support who sent me a link to screen share to trouble shoot my issue. He went above and beyond to assist me. great experience.

Bart Bartlett  - Measurably increase your team's productivity!

We've been using ConnectLeader's dialing products integrated with for over a year now. We are able to increase our dials per hour on average 2-3x to 8-10x depending upon whether we are using Personal or Team Dialer. This has allowed us to flexibly augment the productivity of our team depending upon variations in our business. I've used all of the other major dialers over the past 15 years and ConnectLeader has been by far and away the best one we've come across so far! Most dialers take a click to the next one approach (which ConnectLeader also offers), but there progressive and team-based products are where the real return comes from. Highly recommended.

Travis Rodgers  - Great product....Increased our productivity by 500%
Using ConnectLeader allows my sales team to make 500+ calls a day (EACH). Before using ConnectLead my sales team could make up to 50 call on the high side. - Travis Rodgers (