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“Speed to Lead” using Inbound Leads Routing

Never let an inbound lead go unattended

Your demand generation team has spent time and treasure driving leads to your website with a call to action. Your prospects are awaiting a call from sales, but the leads slip through the cracks and nobody calls back quickly. Speed to lead matters and research shows engagement rates are much higher if the leads are contacted quickly. Unfortunately, there was not a solution that closed the loop until now. TruInbound™ ensures that marketing qualified leads are routed to the appropriate sales rep and placed at the top of the sales rep’s work queue. The rep can call back immediately or setup a cadence, which informs the lead he/she will be calling shortly.

Route Inbound Leads to Sales for Immediate Action

  • Leads are assigned to sales reps according to territory definitions, lead persona and other criteria
  • TruInbound follows a failsafe step – start cadence or send email – if the sales rep fails to take an action within the configured time
  • Inbound leads appear at the top of the reps’ TruCadence® work queue, ensuring that time sensitive leads are addressed first
  • Sales reps can choose to accept an inbound lead and call; accept and add to call list; decline; or open Salesforce (or another supported CRM) to review the lead information

Reps are More Effective with TruInbound and TruCadence Combined

  • Select from any of the three TruCadence dialer options based on volume of calls to make: Click Dialer, Personal Dialer (power dialer), or Team Dialer (Agent-assisted parallel dialer)
  • Email templates and scripts ensure that new hires utilize appropriate messaging
  • Industry-specific and persona-specific cadences ensures customized messaging
  • If a call is not picked up, reps may redial, play pre-recorded voicemail, hang up, or setup a follow up task
  • Call dispositions, email activities, and notes are synced with the Salesforce or another supported CRM
  • Analytics and Dashboards identify the most effective cadences and email templates

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