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Reach Your Best B2B Sales Leads at the
Best Time in the Best Way

Personalized Sales Engagement Software

About TruCadence

Collecting leads takes time, money, and effort. If you don’t reach out to leads quickly and thoughtfully, they could be lost to your competitor. With TruCadence—unlike any other sales engagement solution on the market—you can deliberately engage those leads and implement your strategy at scale across multiple communication channels to increase movement from top of the funnel to becoming a customer.

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Engage with Every Lead

  • Reach out to prospects through emails, phone calls, text and LinkedIn.
  • Increase sales and business development rep (BDR) productivity with agent-assisted dialing by up to 800% (calling typically over 125 leads an hour!).
  • Create structured, multi-channel outbound sales cadences.
  • Set up a custom task through “Other Touch” to research a prospect, create a follow-up, or perform a Google search.
  • Organize prospecting efforts with queued-up calls and personalized emails and texts.
  • Define and optimize a sequence of sales steps from prospecting to closing.

New! Text Touch

  • Messaging made simple.
  • Perform “Text touch” to reach prospects instantly and get their reply.
  • Offers an expanded ability to interact with clients through their mobile phone number.
  • NOTE: Should be used only after initial contact.

Messaging that Connects

  • Improve messaging effectiveness with industry- and persona-specific cadences.
  • Capture and sync sales and BDR rep activity with Salesforce and other leading CRMs.
  • Set up additional filters for reports that are pulled in.
  • Increase engagement with automated personalization processes.

New: Notification Actions

  • Get notified of performed actions regarding your prospects in order of most recent, so you can react almost instantly.
  • Decide what you want to do in response to each action.
  • Take that action on the fly from the Notification panel itself.
  • Set up notifications for what you want to receive and what you don’t.

Reach Your Best Leads First

  • Prioritize calling cadences to target your best leads first.
  • Identify the most effective emails and engagement channels for each lead.
  • Manage your leads to increase sales engagement by 2x through scalable, automated sales workflows.
  • Construct and display artificial intelligence (AI)-created lead scores based upon custom, weighted models spanning intent and ability to contact.

Personalize Every Interaction

  • Create email and voicemail templates, LinkedIn touches, one-off emails with snippets, and texts to make an impact on prospects without sacrificing valuable time.
  • Build a complete strategy for different verticals, products, and stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Build strong relationships with prospects through personalized email messages with context and continuity.
  • Reach out to prospects at the best time of day.

New: A/B Testing

  • See what works best for your prospects.
  • Maximize your chance of winning a big deal with the right messaging.
  • Send out multiple templates separately to a sample of prospects.
  • Based on reply and open counts, TruCadence helps you identify the best performing template.
  • Use the winning template to send to your large group of prospects.
  • Non-performing/less performing template can be disabled.

Sales Coaching and Training

  • Monitor calls and provide your reps with suggestions for better conversations.
  • Coach new sales hires in whisper mode, providing them with real-time advice to increase conversions from leads to sales.
  • Track progress over time to see the number of completed calls and successful personalized emails for each rep.

Sample workflow of TruCadence Software
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