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Personalized Sales Cadence to Fit Your Communication Style
Gain Momentum: Sales Engagement Software to Reach Your Best Leads

About TruCadence

You and your team have spent time collecting and curating leads. What now? You need to engage leads systematically across multiple communication modes to increase velocity at the top of the funnel. Even more crucial is the ability to implement your strategy at scale. TruCadence does this and more, unlike any other sales cadence solution on the market.

Engage with Every Lead

  • Formalize SDR activity through structured, multi-channel outbound cadences
  • Define and optimize a sequence of sales steps from prospecting to closing
  • Track every prospect engagement between emails and phone calls
  • Organize prospecting efforts by queuing up calls and personalized emails
  • Increase Strategic Sales Rep and Business Development productivity by up to 800% (or calling up to 150 leads an hour!)
  • Create account-based cadences to expand your Account Based Marketing strategy

Industry-specific and Persona-specific messaging

  • Build industry-specific and persona-specific cadences to improve message effectiveness
  • Implement automated processes across your entire sales organization that leverage personalization
  • Capture and sync sales rep activity with Salesforce and other leading CRMs
  • Bypass gatekeepers with Zoominfo® direct dials and emails

Reach Your Best Leads First

  • Prioritize calling cadences targeting your best leads
  • Manage your leads to yield results by implementing scalable, automated sales workflows
  • Identify the most effective emails and engagement modes for sales reps, based on individual needs of each lead
  • Construct and display A.I. based lead scores based upon custom, weighted models spanning intent, technographics, and contactability

Personalize Every Interaction

  • Build a complete strategy based on verticals, products, or stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Personalize email messages by using context and continuity to build strong relationships with prospects
  • Create email and voicemail templates for sales cycle milestones to make an impact on prospects without sacrificing valuable time
  • Save time with cadence automation, sequencing email, social messages, and phone calls that are unique to each lead

Sales Coaching and Increase Productivity

  • Monitor calls and provide reps with tips afterwards
  • Coach new sales hires in whisper mode, providing them with real-time advice
  • Track progress over time to see the number of completed calls and successful personalized emails
  • Reach out to prospects at the best time of day.

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