The ConnectLeader Advantage

Spend Less Time Dialing—More Time Selling

Spend Less Time Dialing—More Time Selling

Non-productive dialing tasks take away from valuable selling time. ConnectLeader sales dialing solutions reduce or eliminate manual dialing. How do we do it?

ConnectLeader allows you to delegate the non-productive activites.

You decide which non-productive activities you wish to delegate. Accordingly, you decide on the speed of acceleration.

Our patented visibility into the dialing process allows you to see exactly who you’re calling, the acivity history, and other details in your CRM. We also give you control—the ability to view, edit, and remove names from your calling list—before, during, and after the call.

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Don’t Let Cold Calling—Stop you from Selling

Don’t Let Cold Calling—Stop you from Selling

Telephone prospecting is a very cost-effective way to find prospects, qualify leads, and engage with customers. Unfortunately, because of manual dialing, cold calling has become very unpopular.

Sales Dialing Software Makes Cold Calling Fun

ConnectLeader sales dialing software solutions makes it easy to cold call. You speak with more prospects, leave more voice messages, and reach your sales quota faster.

  • Telephone prospecting provides 60 to 70% of all sales opportunities
  • It takes 7 to 12 attempts to connect with a prospect, most reps give up after 3 attempts
  • ConnectLeader can put on the phone with 8 to 12 prospects in just one hour

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Innovative Product Benefits

ZigZag Dialing™

ZigZag Dialing calls each number sequentially for the same prospect record. When a live prospect is reached, the software skips down to the next prospect in the calling list.

Pre-record Voice Messages

Saves time when leaving each message
Pre-record unlimited messages
Select the right message on-the-fly

Local Caller IDs

Shows local caller IDs
Improve call pick-up rate

Improves Data Accuracy

Our tight integration with top CRM vendors:
reduces duplication
eliminates manual data entry
and offers real-time analytics

Patented Visibility and Control

View, edit, and deselect records
Reps can control dialing process

Remote Coach

Listen in real time
Coach using whisper mode
Accelerate training and ramp up