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TopRung uses the power of team competition to align, adopt, and accelerate your sales activities and outcomes. Unleash the power of team competitions to drive alignment to corporate metrics, sales process adoption, and accelerate sales conversations, meetings and revenue. TopRung automatically crunches and broadcasts sales metrics and performance data in big screen TVs on the sales floor to improve employee engagement, motivate the sales team, and make selling fun!

TopRung fits snugly into the ConnectLeader sales acceleration platform to raise the bar 

for sales teams. We organize and optimize your targets with Adaptylitics, increase the pace to your sales team’s activities with Click Dialer, Personal Dialer and Team Dialer, and now drive correct behavior and outcomes with TopRung leaderboard. No other technology allows you to optimize the targets, accelerate the pace of sales based on the sales role, and optimize sales performance.

For a complete platform to optimize and accelerate sales there’s only one leader, ConnectLeader.

Product Features:
Contests match you up against your peers to see who the top dog is. Set challenges among the group and determine who ends up at the top of the heap.
Honors reward your preparation and activity with notice. This is your opportunity to “give yourself some credit”. Your hard work is noticed by your teammates, co-workers and management. Earn bragging rights and walk the walk.
Notifications via the TV Channel is your chance to grab the spotlight and shine. Broadcasting your leaderboard progress to a TV screen on the sales floor with customizable Walk up songs (replacing the old “Sales Gong”) and Breaking News to celebrate major milestones.
The Rich Data Analysis in TopRung allows sales managers to have all the sales performance data in one spot. All activities, all outcomes, and all progressions. This gives sales managers advanced trending analysis to be able to spot, drill down and remediate or enhance behaviors.
TopRung FAQs
What CRM systems does TopRung work with?
It works with Salesforce.com currently. Other CRM gamification integrations are planned.
What data does it work with?
TopRung is a comprehensive gamification platform and currently it leverages all standard objects in Salesforce and all ConnectLeader data. So, you can customize the system to fit your business need.
Why gamify sales performance?
Sales Performance Metrics contains powerful information and gamification unleashes the inherent competitive nature of sales groups to socially engineer performance. Gamification makes selling fun and helps to sustain elevated sales performance.
What version of SalesForce does it work with?
TopRung works with Professional Edition (with API), Enterprise and above.
What’s the difference between you and other gamification vendors?
ConnectLeader is the only platform that offers all necessary sales productivity functionality tightly integrated under one platform: optimize prospect prioritization using predictive intelligence, accelerate sales activities using a wide range of communication speeds, and sustain sales performance through gamification of the sales activities. Others lack one or more of these capabilities, for example, many vendors lack the wide range of communications speeds needed for various sales role.
How would it work with remote reps?
Extremely well. It’s been designed to work the same way whether users are remote or on-premise. For example, if you have remote reps all their activities are aggregated and presented along with the reps on the floor, and everyone on-premise and remote can view and get engaged. Further, managers can have full visibility into remote reps’ activities in near real-time along with other reps’ activities.
How would training work and how much setup time is involved?
Basic tech support is included in the subscription pricing. However, customers can purchase a professional setup for a fee that includes additional training and onboarding services. The estimated 1-2 hour implementation is conducted with your staff by our support organization.
Is there a separate setup fee for this?
Yes, there is a nominal fee for setup and premium support. Please contact us to discuss.
Why should I use TopRung?
Sales motivation. Sales gamification. TopRung is designed for high functioning, evolved sales teams who understand that competitive edge drives performance. It’s not for everybody, it’s just for those that want to win!
Who is this product for?
TopRung is used by sales reps to compete and win, and by sales managers to identify/encourage specific sales activities and motivate sales team that lead to outcomes. This happens inherently in TopRung through awards and recognition. Also, sales managers can identify and take corrective steps when important activities are not performed well.
What does TopRung measure?
TopRung measures Key Performance Indicators (KPI)/Key Performance Metrics (KPM) that are custom defined sales performance metrics to pull from your CRM.

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