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Personal Dialer®

Take control of your outbound phone calls and B2B call lists

Personal Dialer Cloud-Based Software Puts You in the Driver’s Seat!

ConnectLeader Personal Dialer® is a cloud-based sales dialer that helps B2B sales reps like you connect with up to 100% more people without forcing you to change your process to suit the software.

Easily upload dialing lists from your CRM system. Once you are ready to dial, advanced features such as our area-based caller-ID improve connect rates.

Save time and improve lead generation by dialing one record at a time. If you reach the person, have a phone call and make that sale. If you get a voicemail, you can choose to leave a personalized voice message. Plus, all of your calling and connect notes go directly into your CRM system, making it easier to record your efforts and blow away your KPIs!

  • List-based Dialer SaaS software. Choose who to dial and our patented Personal Dialer software makes that call. You always control the priority of who you’re calling. Then, move on to the next call at your own speed when you're done with the conversation.
  • SaaS Subscription Model with Affordable Sales Dialer Pricing. Cost model includes automatic upgrades; CRM integration with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and others; and technical support.
  • Visibility and Control: Table-based views give you full visibility of the dialing process while providing your notes and information all in one screen.
  • Remote Coach. Monitoring Mode allows sales managers to listen to live conversations, while Whisper Mode allows sales coach to speak only to the rep to provide conversational advice.
  • Targeted Local Caller ID: Multiple Caller ID options including Blocked, Mapped by Area Code, and custom. Use your own caller IDs or ConnectLeader can create custom IDs.
  • Easy to Setup and Configure: Phone system-agnostic. Most deployments take less than 30 minutes, including CRM integration!

What can you do with Personal Sales Dialer Software ?

  • Increase call connect rates by 2-3X with List-Based Sales Dialing
  • Call your best leads first with Adaptilytics® data intelligence
  • Increase conversations by 20-40% with local caller ID
  • Accelerate employee onboarding and coaching with Remote Coach™ call monitoring and recording
  • View full reporting and analytics for enhanced lead tracking
  • Synchronize calling results with CRM systems in real time
  • Call outbound, inbound leads, follow up, & referrals

Personal Sales Dialer Software is ideal for:

  • Outbound sales prospecting calls
  • Qualifying leads
  • Following up with prospects and clients
  • Account-based selling
  • Connecting with decision makers
  • Raising more fundraising donations
  • Recruiting potential employees

Need Even More Speed? Ask about Team Dialer Software.

Looking for a Click-to-Call solution? Pick Click Dialer Software for Salesforce.


ZigZag Dialing®

With ConnectLeader dialing solutions, you will dial the number that appears under the first phone number field for your prospect. If that person isn’t reached, you can choose to dial the second phone number for that prospect and then move onto the third number until the target is reached live. This is powerful when the prospect record contains multiple phone number fields like direct dial, mobile, and company phone fields. After you’ve reached the prospect live during a dial, you will then move on to dial the next prospect record in your calling list.

PD Connect 2

A Single Pane of Glass for Information

When a dialing agent recognizes a live connection, the call is instantly transferred to the sales rep. At that moment, a contact screen window pops open with account and contact information. The sales rep can then use that window to record call results, schedule a follow-up, and update any data. If integrated with a CRM, the data is then instantly synchronized with the database.


Customized Local Caller IDs

Using a local caller ID telephone number significantly increases your opportunity to speak with prospects. Some research shows a 30% increase in call pick-ups when using a local caller ID.


Remote Coaching

Remote Coach allows sales managers to monitor or ‘whisper’ suggestions to their sales reps in real time without the other party being able to hear the conversation.

Click Dialer®
Click-to-Call Software
A flexible dialer app for Salesforce. Local caller ID, call recording
Personal Dialer®
Dialing Software
List-based dialing software for inside sales reps
Team Dialer®
Live Conversation Automation
Agent-assisted dialing solution. Increase sales connectivity by up to 800%.