Increase Productivity up to 30%

When it comes to outbound dialing for business to business lead generation, the human element is always the slowest link in the chain.

The Problem: Applications such as have been a boon to lead nurturing, but the physical act of dialing phone numbers has been left to the sales agent. This is a slow, manual process that often results in many, missed dialed phone numbers and prospects who avoid calls due to an unfamiliar area code display.

The Solution: ConnectLeader Click Dialer solves these issues with easy-to-use auto dialing software. Click Dialer is not a standalone phone dialer or power dialer solution, it’s a sales dialer embedded within, allowing sales agents to place calls without having to manually dial. Our one-click-dialer leverages to improve productivity by allowing the sales agent to view all the relevant sales lead generation information, while simultaneously dialing through call lists. This Innovative solution allows sales agents to conduct more productive conversations in less time.  

Accelerate Prospect Engagement with Click Dialer:
  • Fully Integrated into - Improve productivity by instantly synchronizing call results & follow-up activities with  
  • Local Caller IDs - Automatically dial out using local territory phone numbers to create an instant association with the sales prospect.
  • Pre-Record and Drop Voice Messages - Reduce time and stress by leaving only the pertinent information and then quickly moving onto the next call.
  • Direct Emailing via Click Dialer - Enhance sales lead generation activities by emailing through Click Dialer, with results shown and tracked in
  • Real-Time Analytics and Reports - Automatically generate and customize outbound dialing reports and view through a single dashboard.
  • World-Class Customer Support - Achieve a quicker ROI on new sales recruits with ConnectLeader’s world-class training and support to help get reps up-to-speed as quickly as possible -- with immediate and knowledgeable response to questions or issues.

Don’t settle for any phone dialer software, improve outbound dialing productivity by enabling your business to make more calls and more sales in less time with Click Dialer.