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adaptilytics predictive data intelligence

Adaptilytics® data intelligence engine for outbound calling

Reach your best B2B sales leads first at the right time

Define your data pattern
Define Your Data Pattern
You define the data patterns that are appropriate for your business. Adaptilytics uses this information along with artificial intelligence(AI) machine learning to identify your best leads.
Apply importance by adjusting weight scale
Apply Importance by Adjusting Weight Scale
You adjust the priority or weightage associated with each type of data signal to arrive at the final lead score. You are in control of how the lead score is arrived.
Reach your bestleads first
Reach Your Best B2B Sales Leads First
Having more live conversations, with more qualified prospects, increases the likelihood of closing more deals.
Define Your Target Profile

The Adaptilytics data intelligence engine provides visibility and control into the lead scoring process via the settings page.

You can define the data pattern associated with the information that is relevant to your business, This data is taken into account by the AI machine learning algorithm.

Apply Importance by Adjusting Weight Scale

Once defined, you can apply more importance to certain types of data by adjusting the prioritization. Data types include availability of a direct dial phone number; verification that the contact data is accurate; and the best time to call.

Reach Your Best Leads First

Our system will sort the prospecting list based on the predicted lead score. You can now reach your best leads first and have more quality conversations.

Best Time to Call

Adaptilytics applies past calling history to predict the best time to reach a prospect. The order of the prospect list is constantly refreshed to update any changes to the calling data.

More Positive Conversations

Since the leads are sorted based on lead score, you will have more B2B sales conversations and they will be more likely to be positive ones that convert to sales.

Accelerate Your Sales Engagement

Your reps have limited time in a day and don’t have time to deal will multiple tools Give your sales team what they need: an integrated, all-in-one suite of tools that puts your B2B sales reps in front of the right prospects and engage them via multiple channels, at an accelerated pace.

lead score
The 3 Essential Data Criteria
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Does the Contact
Still Work There?
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Is There a
Direct Dial Number?
best time to call
Are You Calling
at the Best Time?

ConnectLeader Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform

Sales Dialing
Sales Dialing
Sales Dialing
Data Genie
Data Genie
Data Genie®
Predictive Intelligence Engine
A predictive intelligence engine that analyzes, prioritizes, and scores prospecting lists using artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning. This predictive lead score ensures your best B2B sales leads are contacted first. Adaptilytics self-learns by analyzing more than 25 billion data points and further improves outbound prospecting results by enabling users to customize the prediction algorithm based on a prospect’s contact data and best time to reach.