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Return on Investment

We are excited to announce a new feature in our multi-channel B2B sales engagement solution: Return on Investment (ROI). This feature allows our customers to track their business opportunities based on Call Outcomes selected during the ConnectLeader dialing session (Team Dialer, Personal Dialer, and Click Dialer) in the portal.

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Parking Lot

We are happy to announce a new feature in our B2B sales engagement platform: Parking Lot. Our Parking Lot feature restricts the Dialing Agents or Talkers from dialing phone numbers that were previously dialed and logged with negative outcomes (e.g. Wrong Phone Number, No Longer with the Company, Do Not Call, etc.).

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Lead Pool Session

We are excited to announce a new feature in our B2B sales engagement software: Lead Pool Session. The Lead Pool Session feature works to improve your sales productivity by helping your sales team connect with more decision makers in less time. 

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Manager on Behalf of User

We are excited to announce a new feature: Manager on Behalf of User, which gives managers the ability to perform actions on behalf of their team members (users). This is incredibly useful for managers that want to get things done instead of waiting for users to perform the necessary actions in the system.

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Sales Engagement Score

Now, you can measure how engaged your prospects are, based on their responses to the touches in your cadence. This can be achieved by generating and crediting the metrics/score for the responses, executed touches and to the cadence associated to the touches.

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