TruCadence Personalized Sales Cadence Software

TruCadence is designed to helps sales reps do what they do best (making sales and converting leads to customers) by systematically engaging leads across multiple communication channels, including phone, email, and social media.

Implement your personalized sales strategy at scale and increase productivity with TruCadence, which is unlike any other sales cadence solution on the market.

 Use TruCadence to improve your B2B sales performance and productivity:

  • Increase calling productivity by up to 800% with agent-assisted dialing (our agents will call up to 150 leads an hour so you can focus on what you do best: Having sales conversations to convert leads to customers)
  • Define and optimize a sequence of sales steps from prospecting to closing
  • Track every prospect engagement, from emails to phone calls and social media
  • Engage prospects using "personalized" emails and calls sequencing
  • Create specific cadences to expand your Account-Based Marketing strategy
  • Save time with cadence automation to sequence email, social messages, and phone calls that are unique to each lead