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What is Agent-Assisted Dialing?

Agent Assisted Dialing

Riddle me this: When you hear the term “agent-assisted dialing”, what do you think about? Do you think of sales development reps (SDRs) making calls for the sales reps? Human agents who aren’t SDRs? Robo-calls? Something else? Or have you never heard the term.

I was curious about this as agent-assisted dialing is such a big part of our dialing stack of products, so I created a survey asking my LinkedIn followers what they thought the term meant. And, not to be clickbaity, but the results indeed shocked me.

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I asked my followers this question about sales techniques and dialing:

“When you hear the term ‘agent-assisted dialer”, what do you think of?”

The options I gave them for answers were:

  • Human agents making calls
  • Robo-dialer
  • Don’t know
  • I’ve never heard that term

Of the 51 people who replied, the results skewed strongly in one direction:

  • Robo-dialer received 64% of the votes
  • Human agents making calls received 36% of the votes

As a side note, I was talking to our Senior Channel Development Manager, Victoria Gagnon, about the survey and she mentioned that she asked the same question to some people she met at the SiriusDecisions 2019 Technology Exchange this past month in Colorado. The response she received was that, to them, agent-assisted dialing meant using SDRs to make cold calls and set up appointments for sales reps.

So, let’s talk about what agent-assisted dialing means here at ConnectLeader and what it should mean in B2B sales outreach to sales reps, business development reps (BDRs), and SDRs.

The term agent-assisted dialing does not and should not mean robo-dialers, especially in the days of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliance act, which can lead to fines and litigation if you’re using robotic dialers in your sales outreach. If you’re using a dialing software company and you aren’t sure if you’re compliant or not, ask them who does their dialing – humans or robots? You might be surprised by the answer.

In the ConnectLeader world, agent-assisted dialing, which is also known as parallel-assisted dialing, means actual trained human agents are doing the dialing for your sales reps, so your sales reps can focus on what they do best – having the conversations that lead to sales.

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Our human dialing agents take care of the busywork for you of dialing, navigating phone systems, and even talking with receptionists and other gatekeepers to get to your ideal target decision maker. Once they have reached your prospect, they instantly hand off that live conversation to you in a seamless process that is invisible to your prospect. It is equal to having many human personal assistants making your calls and then handing off the conversation to you so you can focus on having those conversations, instead of wasting your time dialing.

None of our agent-assisted dialing is handled by a robo-dialer. It's all done through human dialing agents. 

Does agent-assisted dialing make more sense to you? Are you suddenly wondering just who or what is doing the dialing for your dialing software provider?

Reach out to us here at ConnectLeader today to use the right kind of agent-assisted dialing with Team Dialer, which increases your sales team’s productivity by up to 800%. Simply click here or give us a call at 800-955-5040.



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