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What I Look for When Hiring a Junior Inside Sales Rep

Hiring Junior Sales Rep[


Before you make decisions based on your gut instincts,take a look of some of the questions I like to ask and what answers I should be hearing when I'm looking to hire a new inside sales rep for a B2B sales team.

Questions for Entry Level Inside Sales Reps

Initiative – Have they started a company, club, or organization?

  • Is there a pattern of stepping in to offer solutions where need is going unmet?
  • Is there a history of competing at a highly competitive level? (organized sports)
  • Do they have basic inside sales experience (aka worked at Enterprise Rent a Car)?

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Drive - Can they sell themselves?

Ask them to present themselves and you'll learn the following about that candidate:

  • Is there a concise beginning, middle, and end?
  • Confidence/Quick thinking - Can they sell me our company?
  • From what they understand, can they think on their feet well enough to make a pitch?
  • If interrupted how do they react?

Coach-ability / Humility - Are they able to take direction?

  • Have them sell you something during the interview.
  • Ask them what they thought they did well and what they could improve.
  • Then ask them to do it again.
  • Defensiveness tells you they can’t be coached.
  • How much “unlearning” will have to take place ?

Expectations – Can they sustain sales activities when there is no perceived positive outcome?

  • Are they wired for activity rather than analysis?
  • Is the default state to take action?

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