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Value of Sales Automation Tools: Hear From ConnectLeader’s CEO

Recently, our CEO Senraj Soundar’s blog post “The Importance of Sales Automation For Your Business” was featured on DemandZEN’s blog. In his article, he discussed the value of sales automation tools and how this software saves sales teams time.

Sales Automation Tools. It’s time...

While automation is something a lot of professionals recognize as a necessity, it is often not implemented completely or effectively. To minimize the amount of time spent on things like manual reporting, manual lead attribution, or employee training, sales automation tools are vital.

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Sales teams, and organizations as a whole, need to stop passing over automation or deferring it. To get ahead, it’s time to implement.

With sales automation, sales reps free up their time so they can engage with customers more often. They are also given all of the tools (such as email and call engagement history) needed to understand the history of a prospect at-a-glance. Without this, many reps are essentially in the dark when it comes to reaching out, unless they do their own time-consuming research. When done for each prospect, that isn’t just a huge headache, it’s a revenue limiting process. It minimizes the number of calls a rep can make in a day, decreases the amount of appointments set, decimates the number of forecasted opportunities added, and imperils revenue goals.

What types of automation should organizations look for?

Sales management teams should prioritize automated dialing tools and powerful CRMs, such as Salesforce CRM. Pairing a sophisticated CRM with automated dialing and engagement software streamlines your sales strategy and gives your talented sales staff more opportunities to work. So...Is it about time for sales automation?

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“Sales automation” is more than just a vendor buzzword or something that applies to your Salesforce CRM. It’s an important practice that every sales team needs to take advantage of if they want to succeed. If you haven’t explored automated sales engagement and sales acceleration tools to boost productivity and improve revenue, take a moment to learn how sales automation can help you.

Read the full article on demandzen.com.
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