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5 Tips to Improve Your Sales Productivity With a Sales Dialer

There are many best practices to keep in mind to help you your competitors in terms of phone sales. The secret is quality leads, and making more phone calls to each lead than competitors. Sales teams need a way to make calls as efficiently as possible in order to get more done in less time. You can rely upon phone dialer software to improve sales productivity and reduce manual labor.

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How Can Busy Full-Cycle B2B Sales Reps. Make Time for Prospecting

In most organizations, sales groups are split into business development teams and sales teams. However, there is a growing trend, especially in smaller organizations, to utilize full-cycle (or full desk) sales representatives. Full-cycle reps are responsible for the full sales cycle from prospecting to closing to account management.
This model works well in early stage companies that have a smaller client base. But as the business grows, these sales reps take on more and more responsibility. Full-cycle reps end up taking on a lot of different responsibilities and managing existing accounts and their current pipelines take up more and more time.

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The history of Software - ConnectLeader is on the map

[fusion_text]Computers and software have come a long way in a short time. Software-as-a-service has revolutionized how companies develop and use software. Salesforce.com and Capterra led the way in 2000 and now SaaS software is the rule, not the exception.

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Key Takeaways from Live Webinar: Sales Productivity Trends for 2015

[fusion_text]ConnectLeader recently hosted an Executive Sales Roundtable Webinar on the BrightTalk Sales Management Channel. The webinar was titled Sales Productivity Trends for 2015. We've summarized the presentation and roundtable discussions.

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Sales productivity trends for 2015

In 2012, the global ecommerce market surpassed $1 trillion, and it has not slowed down. Projections estimate that in 2015 Americans will spend $338.9 billion online, which represents an ever increasing percentage of the total US retail sales1. Customers are also turning to the internet when they are interested in learning about products, relying on digital media for nearly every stage of the sales funnel.

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ConnectLeader Makes 50 Best Sales Management Tools/Software List

If you are looking to  improve sales productivity with your inside sales team, then you should take a look at the latest blog from Docurated, a leading provider of content managment solutions. They've compiled a helpful collection of sales productivity tools titled 50 Best Sales Management Tools/Software. ConnectLeader was among the list for the first time (# 45). The list featured a number of prominent CRM solutions including Salesforce.com and NetSuite. It also featured a number of less well-known applications that could really help your sales productivity.

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10 Ways Your Sales Team Can Benefit from Outbound Calling Software

Every day we hear reasons why companies don't need to use outbound calling software. Often people confuse our product with call center software or lead generation services. So we put our sales heads together and came up with a list for 10 reasons WHY your B2B sales team can benefit from outbound calling software (aka. live conversation automation, sales acceleration software, sales engagement software, sales dialing software... you get the point).

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Can a Sales Playbook Benefit Your Inside Sales Team?

Sales Acceleration Technology is creating a buzz. Sales acceleration technologies can help companies shorten the selling cycle and accelerate growth. However, if the sales process is too complex or even broken, then adding technology to the mix isn't always the answer. So how can sales leaders identify process problems and make technology investments even more productive?

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