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How to Increase Your Close Ratio: Sales Tips for 2018

Increasing your close ratio doesn’t just mean more closed deals. It means you have more productive conversations with qualified prospects. If you’re looking to have a higher close ratio in 2018, read our tips below to learn how you can be more effective in the new year.

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Sales Call Planning Best Practices

Making a living as a sales executive isn't easy. It's a high-pressure, sales goal-focused, make-or-break field. On the other hand, for those who are driven to set and exceed their personal goals, it offers the single best way to reap financial rewards that other positions lack.

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A Little Discipline Goes a Long Way

By: Pat Morrissey, Sales Manager

8 Reasons why cold calling should be pre-scheduled rather than an afterthought.

Although we live in an on-demand world, people still tend to perform their best when following a scheduled routine This is especially true when we look at the little things we do that contribute to our success. Just pick your favorite sports legend (LeBron James, Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, etc.) and you will undoubtedly find someone whose success is the result of many years of following a scheduled routine of practice and conditioning. Without a doubt, telephone prospecting falls into this category for salespeople. Although cold calling is often unpleasant and we rarely, if ever, “close the big deal” when we do it, most salespeople and sales leaders would agree that it needs to be done to bring success. Because cold calling can be unpleasant and results typically take a long time to materialize, it is very tempting for salespeople to put it to the back of the list to “get to it later.” Below are the top 7 reasons why salespeople should avoid this pitfall by pre-scheduling their phone prospecting sessions.

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Top 3 Findings from New DePaul Sales Effectiveness Research

Dr. Rich Rocco, Research Director for the DePaul University Center for Sales Leadership recently presented his most recent findings from his Sales Effectiveness Research. 

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The Inside Sales Hiring Dilemma - Energy vs. Experience


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