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Sales Pipeline Management: Are You In Control?

As a senior level sales executive, you know that sales pipeline management is critical to your success as an organization. With a healthy pipeline your sales reps have leads to call, deals to close, and you experience consistent sales and revenue growth. Would you like more conversations with qualified sales prospects that lead to better control of your sales forecasting, higher productivity, and more revenue?

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4 Essential Practices That Drive More Sales Pipeline Growth

B2B companies can improve their financial performance by investing in a set of digital capabilities and approaches. According to McKinsey & Company, B2B organizations that employ these four practices generate eight percent more shareholder returns. Additionally, their revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is five times greater than the rest of the field. But how do they accomplish this? They focus on the right digital practices so B2B companies create long-term value that drive more sales pipeline growth.

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Learn Sales Pipeline Management Best Practices

According to polling done by the TAS Group, only 46% of sales representatives think they have an accurate pipeline. Despite this fundamental flaw, companies spend an average of two and a half hours per week creating forecasts based on these pipelines, per Leslie Ye of HubSpot.

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Inbound Marketing: Content is King & Outbound Marketing: Conversation is a Deity

For the last five years, inbound marketing has been in the limelight because it's aligned with the “Content is King” theory. Operating as part of a CRM system/process, inbound marketing delivers a valuable and steady stream of information to prospects in order to monitor engagement and predict the most opportune time to call.

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