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7 Ways to Turn B2B Cold Calls into Meetings

As a marketer who works closely with our B2B sales team (as all marketers should), I sit right on the sales floor and attend our weekly sales meetings so I can keep the sales team informed on what I’m doing and also to learn from them. I always love hearing what prospects and customers are telling them — and what they’re telling prospects during their sales outreach — as it fuels my content.

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20 Remarkable Motivational Sales Tips for Your Team

As a sales leader, one of your biggest challenges is developing a strategy to keep your sales team constantly motivated and on top of their game. While it seems like a tall task, there are plenty of small steps you can take to provide the boost that they need on a daily basis.

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Top 20 Outbound Sales Best Practices

Identifying and reaching the right decision maker is the key to effective outbound sales. Here are twenty outbound sales techniques to ensure you’re connecting with the right people at the right time:

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The Perfect Addition to An Account Based Marketing Strategy: Call Your Customer

Account based marketing(ABM) strategies are one of the hottest trends in sales and marketing. This strategy usually involves targeted emails, unique website pages, pay-per-click ad campaigns, and social media. But there is one complementary strategy to ABM that cannot be ignored: calling your prospects.

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How Sales Reps can Turn Bad Press Into Good Outbound Calls

It was the video seen around the world: a screaming man with a bloodied face was being 
drag ged by the arms down the aisle of a United Express airliner.   The incident in April of 2017 happened because he refused to give up his seat when asked by United officials. The moment caught by passengers on cell phones went viral — was seen by millions — and created an instant worldwide anger. A public relations nightmare! Calls for boycotts of the airlines and to cut-up the airline’s credit cards went out the next day. And this was United’s second PR disaster within weeks. In March, they had caused a worldwide stir by barring two young girls with leggings from boarding a flight.

 Officials at United said that their attire violated the dress code. Cries of sexism echoed around the world. Calls for boycotts followed. How could a company possibly recover and make anything good come out of a travesty such as that?

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Attaining ROI with Live Conversation Automation

You know you need more live conversations, but what is it worth?

As is the case when considering any new money saving solution, the return on investment you attain from a Live Conversation Automation solution is an imperative step when deciding whether or not to move forward. You know in your gut that a dramatic increase in live conversations with customers and prospects will pay off for your company. The challenge is determining how much value it will bring and whether it is worth it for your company to spend the dollars, cost and effort required for deploying any new solution. Outlined below are some of the top reasons ConnectLeader’s customers tell us how they have attained ROI with Team Dialer.

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How Can Busy Full-Cycle B2B Sales Reps. Make Time for Prospecting

In most organizations, sales groups are split into business development teams and sales teams. However, there is a growing trend, especially in smaller organizations, to utilize full-cycle (or full desk) sales representatives. Full-cycle reps are responsible for the full sales cycle from prospecting to closing to account management.
This model works well in early stage companies that have a smaller client base. But as the business grows, these sales reps take on more and more responsibility. Full-cycle reps end up taking on a lot of different responsibilities and managing existing accounts and their current pipelines take up more and more time.

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Our Favorite Outbound Calling Blog Posts


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Tips for Building an Effective Outbound Calling Strategy

One of the most common questions our sales and customer success teams hear is what is the best way to create an outbound calling strategy?

There could be a number of ways to answer this question depending on your sales process and business objectives. For the most part, list selection depends on the goals you want to achieve and your objectives.

Tip #1 - List-based calling is more productive than random dialing

Being organized is a proven method of improving productivity. Having a daily plan is a second reliable method to keep yourself on track. I like to make a list of my daily projects, meetings and appointments so I don't get surprised. We have learned from our customers that providing business development and inside sales reps with a daily or weekly calling plan is more productive than 'one-off' random dialing." In fact, in our webinar, "Sales Productivity Trends", our audience indicated that 70% of their companies have formalized sales processes in place.


Dialing Sessions Improve Sales Productivity for Liaison Technologies

Liaison Technologies learned that a lot of the (sales team’s) day was spent doing research, making the direct dials, then sending an email. According to Steve Haverdink of Liaison's Enterprise Data Group, “We were doing a lot of ‘one-off’ campaigns. Now  our sales representative selects a calling list in Salesforce.com."

Learn sales outreach best practices. Read this blog.

Tip #2 - Using a Process-Based Dialing Strategy

Once you know that you want to use a list-based process, the next big decision is how to organize your lists. A big question we hear is who do you call first? Another question is how do you prioritize? Again, your internal sales process will be a major factor in this decision. The most straight forward strategy is to use a dialing method that matches your sales pipeline process.  In most cases that starts with prospects or leads and progresses through the sale.

Reverse-Pipeline Calling Process

Eagle Point Software develops tools that help users of Autodesk software work more productively. “Every salesperson has 4 one-hour calling sessions every week,” according to Executive Vice President, Randy Ambrosy. “Accounts that are the closest to close we call first, the deals that are newest into their pipeline we call last, then if we have executed through all of their calls, we load prospecting calls into that list so they’re prospecting at the end of their session. Commonly they’ll be able to plow through their entire pipeline during that session.” 

Tip #3 Persistence Can Make a Difference

It's a fact, as social media, email, and texting are becoming more commonly used in business sales, getting a decision maker on the phone continues to get harder. Industry studies estimate the average number of attempts to reach a decision maker on the phone can range from 7 to 10. For C-Level executives, that number can be as high as 20 attempts. The other often quoted fact is that the best sales reps will often be the most persistent.

Calling Them Until I Get Them

Steve Serpa, Inside Sales Manager for Xangati, Inc. helps IT leaders manage virtualized data centers is one of those inside sales reps who doesn't give up. "I call them until I speak to them live,” said Serpa. “Our sales dialing solution has really been great as far as contacting people and getting in touch with people we’ve been having a hard time connecting with.”

Tip #4 Inside Sales Reps Need to be Flexible

Sales reps in fast-growing companies know that marketing strategies and new product releases can come fast and furiously. Being able to adapt to a changing environment can help sales reps. be more productive. Being able to call to multiple lists and change the contacts while dialing helps sales reps stay focused on dialing.

I like to change my list as I’m calling, "explained Steve Serpa from Xangati, Inc.  I can easily check a name and the dialing agents won’t call that number."

Tip #5 Sales Dialing Automation Integrated with CRM Makes List Dialing Feasible

Using technology can help companies boost their sales velocity (i.e. shorten the sales cycle), increase outbound calling productivity, and reduce administrative costs. Sales dialing software uses lists created by CRM systems like Salesforce.com or Oracle CRM on Demand. When sales reps. complete conversations they can record their activity notes and instantly synchronize with the CRM. This tight integration eliminates duplicate entries and allows reps. and managers to monitor calling activity on a real-time basis.

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Tips for Building a High Growth B2B Sales Team

Editor's Note: This post was written by Chris Salisbury of the ConnectLeader sales team. Chris was formerly with Dyn, the Manchester, NH DNS Provider.

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