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Why You Think Lead Follow Up Is Hard And How To Change That

Lead follow up is reaching out to a lead who has previously interacted with your brand. Even though sales reps don't dread these sales calls as much as they might dread cold calling, sales people still generally regard them as difficult. However, lead follow up is vital as it often turns into a very productive conversation. After all, you’re talking to someone who has expressed an interest in your brand.

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4 Best Methods for B2B Companies to Automate Lead Generation

In today’s competitive business environment, B2B companies should rely upon efficient sales processes, top talent, and the right marketing technology in order to thrive and grow. At the same time, many sales teams struggle because they continue to rely upon the outdated practice of pushing as many leads as possible into the pipeline and then working them fast. Few salespeople will be surprised to learn that almost half of sales representatives said that they didn’t have the information they needed to effectively close sales calls. Without efficient ways to gather and nurture leads, businesses can’t compete against more sophisticated rivals. Luckily, almost all B2B companies can easily access the technology they need to make their sales teams more efficient and grow their businesses.

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