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Top 3 Findings from New DePaul Sales Effectiveness Research

Dr. Rich Rocco, Research Director for the DePaul University Center for Sales Leadership recently presented his most recent findings from his Sales Effectiveness Research. 

Here is a summary of his three key findings:

Key Finding #1: Talent War Continues

Identifying and retaining sales talent… This continues as a top challenge for companies in 2016:

  • Findings consistent with past sales research
  • 26% average annual turnover… combined with planned hiring growth rate targets of 30.6% (inside sales) and 16.3%(field) …means  talent recruiting and retention continues to be a critical challenge for sales organizations.

Key Finding #2: Technology Imperative

Use of sales acceleration technologies and services. This is becoming more critical (best-in-class differentiator) to improving productivity and performance:

Top 3 MOST UTILIZED Sales acceleration technologies used by sales organizations in our study include:

  • Data subscribers and enrichment
  • Communications/dialing technology
  • Predictive intelligence and lead scoring

Stop Wasting Time Calling Unqualified Leads

Key Finding #3: Increased Investment for 2016

Companies plan to spend $6,170/salesperson in incremental sales technology investment for 2016

“Top 3” areas of interest in sales acceleration technologies and services in 2016:

View Recording of Webinar by Dr. Rocco


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