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Tips for Leaving Effective Sales Voicemail Messages


For this blogpost, I asked the ConnectLeader sales team to provide tips on leaving effective sales voicemail messages. ConnectLeader uses voicemail as part of our outgoing marketing and prospecting campaigns. For instance, we dropped reminder voicemails in addition to emails and social media messages to promote registration for a recent webinar.

Highlight Singular Solutions

Leave messages that highlight a singular solution that your product/service provides even though it may provide many solutions.  You then create a series of messages that each highlight a separate solution.  The idea here is to be able to touch on something that eventually will resonate with any one prospect contact.

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Leave Limited Information

Have a voicemail  that only states your name, company name, and phone number and then say  you would appreciate a call back.  This is often mistaken for one of that contact’s prospects or current customers, and thus, gets return calls.


Keep Messages Short and Concise

Try not to have any voice mail that exceeds 20 to 30 seconds. Keep messages concise and to the point. Don't ramble.

Start and end voice mails with your name and phone number.

Often times your contacts will quickly write down your number and call you back without listening to the entire message.  You might want to leave out the company name at the start but then mention it at the end. This gives you cover when someone thinks you’ve deceived them by not giving a company name.  Truth will be that they simply didn’t bother to listen to the entire message.

Use pre-call planning strategies

Creating a 'calling plan' is more effective than calling records randomly without a plan. Taking a few minutes to  plan your session and pre-record your messages will allow you to make more dials and connect with more conversations.

Use a call-to-action

Make sure you ask the prospect to take an action. Call you, visit a website, visit a trade show, etc.

Take time to record a quality message

You may only have one chance to impress the person you are leaving the message for. Take the time to record a quality message even if it takes several times to record it.

The Benefit of Pre-recording Voicemail Messages

Leaving voicemail messages can be a very tedious and time-consuming task for business development and inside sales reps who are making high volumes of outbound calls. By pre-recoding the voicemail message, the sales rep. can simply choose the appropriate voicemail message to drop and move on to the next call.

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