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The history of Software - ConnectLeader is on the map

[fusion_text]capterra-software-history-previewComputers and software have come a long way in a short time. Software-as-a-service has revolutionized how companies develop and use software. Salesforce.com and Capterra led the way in 2000 and now SaaS software is the rule, not the exception.

Marketing automation companies like HubSpot and Marketo revolutionized the demand generation process. Now B2B sales productivity is the new wave as more and more sales productivity apps integrate with Salesforce.com, Oracle CRM on Demand, and other cloud-based CRM applications.

SaaS Sales Productivity Tools Revolutionize Inside Sales

ConnectLeader Team Dialer was launched in 2011 and the sales dialing application with Personal Dialer right behind in 2012. New innovations and features continue to make ConnectLeader the fastest-growing Saas-based sales productivity tools.

What some of our customers say about ConnectLeader:

With the ConnectLeader Team Dialer solution, I can make about 100 dials per hour and have 10 to 12 conversations,” explained Serpa. “Manually, I can only make 30 dials per hour and have a few conversations.”

Scott Serpa, Inside Sales Manager, Xangati, Inc. Read full story...



ConnectLeader is a great tool for sales teams, or anyone who needs to make a large volume of calls, to increase productivity and outreach. The support is always helpful and responsive."

Sarah Beals, Client Solutions Manager at LogicManager See Review...


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