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Features to Look for in an Auto Dialer

phone_close_up.jpgYou can find plenty of different auto dialer systems on the market these days. Now that you've decided auto dialer software can help grow your business, you just need to narrow down your choices. Choosing the right dialing technology affects your sales stack, and your bottom line.

If you've never shopped for an auto dialer before, you may not know what you should expect. Here are the must-have features you should expect to find in truly useful systems.

Five Must-Have Features for Your Auto Dialer

An auto dialer with these five features will satisfy the needs of your sales team.

  1. Ease of Navigation

Nobody likes to have to keep pushing their way through a complex and never-ending navigation tree when they're on the phone. By the time reps press "1" for the help desk, "2" for this, and "3" for that, they’ve wasted an incredible amount of time trying to figure out the correct actions to take to get on the phone with a real, live person. And there’s no guarantee all of that time spent will send you to the right contact. Instead, choose an auto dialer that lets you bypass navigation to connect your team with actual humans.

  1. Automatically Drop Voicemails

To streamline the cold calling process, work voicemails into your cadence. Voicemails are another key part of advancing a sale. Modern sales dialers allow you to rehearse, enabling you to perfect your message. After sending a few emails and speaking with a lead once or twice, pre-recorded voicemails allow you to put the ball in their court.

A good auto dialer platform will allow you to pre-record different messages to use during varying steps in the sales process, Additionally, you can pre-record voicemails with context. Because these messages have been planned out in advance but need to be recorded only once, they can help save time and produce better results. It also allows you to stick to the same core message every time, as each sales rep can record their own version with the same script.

  1. Integrations With Popular CRMs

Do you already use cloud-based CRMs like SFDC or Microsoft Dynamics? These popular CRMs can collect and organize information to make it easier to attract and retain customers. The best auto dialer for your business will provide you with automatic two-way integration for the CRMs you already depend on, keeping your data safe, secure and reliable.

Having your auto dialer and CRM integrated will maximize the efficiency of both your CRM and your auto dialer software. Look for an auto dialer that already offers you bi-directional integration with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and NetSuite.

  1. Built-In Reporting Tools

Good auto dialers can help your team sell more in less time. If you rely upon an auto dialer’s built-in reporting functions, you and your people will be able to optimize their efforts and maximize efficiency. You can use these reports to understand the differences between your top performers and struggling members of your team. The reports can also help you create forecasts, set benchmarks, spot trends, highlight coaching opportunities and report to your own superiors or other stakeholders.

  1. Enhanced Management Coaching

Great auto dialers provide your sales trainers and managers with the tools to coach their team in multiple ways. Consider these examples:

  • Managers can listen in on any calls. They can hear both sides of the conversation in order to help coach or review the salesperson after the call has ended.
  • Using "whisper mode" also allows managers not only to listen to calls, but to speak directly to a salesperson to give them advice while the call is in progress. The prospect will have no idea there is a mentor on the line reviewing the call and giving real-time feedback.

Which Auto Dialer System Offers All Five of These Features And Much More?

These auto dialer features can help you grow your business, maximize the productivity of everybody on your team, and increase profits. You took the first step by choosing to invest in an auto dialer. Now make certain that you choose to invest in a product that will offer you the features that can benefit your company the most.

There's only one auto dialer system that offers you all five of these essential benefits and lots more. Get your one-on-one demo of ConnectLeader today.
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