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Overcoming Sales Objections For Better Results

You might think that all salespeople dislike having to overcome sales objections. But experienced salespeople welcome objections. Most objections are fairly predictable and can turned into opportunities to increase your prospect's engagement. If you encounter surprising or really tough objections, you can still use them as a way to improve your relationship with your prospect. Stop fearing sales objections, and learn to use them to your advantage.

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How to Get Customers’ Attention in Sales

A huge facet of sales is creating relationships built on trust. But before you begin a new relationship with a customer, you first need to capture their attention. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to figure out how to accomplish that, which is precisely why we’re highlighting how to attract customers’ attention in sales.



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Worst Business Jargon You Could Possibly Use: Phrases to Avoid in Sales

Every profession has its own lingo, and you may naturally use and hear certain jargon during your typical work day. Some of these words and phrases can set off unconscious (or conscious) red flags in the minds of your prospects. 

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Maximize Your CRM System with ABM Best Practices

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the hottest trend in B2B selling right now. And it’s the best method for targeting the right leads that result in lucrative sales. For your ABM strategy to work, you need to rely on your CRM and sales team to zero in on the right leads.

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Qualities of a Successful Sales Representative

Savvy sales representation is often the difference in a company flourishing and failing. Your reps don't have to be perfect to succeed. With the right attitude and tools, nearly everyone seeking a career in sales can succeed. There are certain qualities that a sales rep needs to develop to become truly great. Some are developed over time, and others are already there as part of the person's makeup.

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Sales and Marketing Relationships: Getting Them on the Same Page

Companies that encourage good sales and marketing relationships generally enjoy higher revenues. Meanwhile, poor sales and marketing alignment often leads to drops in income. In fact, studies have found that strong marketing and sales alignment leads to an average of a 20 percent increase in revenue. However, a disconnect between these two departments leads to gradual declines.

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10 Best B2B Sales Strategy Tips

In today’s competitive B2B market, sales managers have more to worry about than ever before. You have to manage your reps, develop territories, create effective strategies, research and implement sales technologies, and much more. In order to succeed, you need to understand exactly how the modern B2B sales environment works. Below are ten important sales tips to help your sales team succeed in 2017 and beyond:

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4 Essential Practices That Drive More Sales Pipeline Growth

B2B companies can improve their financial performance by investing in a set of digital capabilities and approaches. According to McKinsey & Company, B2B organizations that employ these four practices generate eight percent more shareholder returns. Additionally, their revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is five times greater than the rest of the field. But how do they accomplish this? They focus on the right digital practices so B2B companies create long-term value that drive more sales pipeline growth.

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Learn Sales Pipeline Management Best Practices

According to polling done by the TAS Group, only 46% of sales representatives think they have an accurate pipeline. Despite this fundamental flaw, companies spend an average of two and a half hours per week creating forecasts based on these pipelines, per Leslie Ye of HubSpot.

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The Perfect Addition to An Account Based Marketing Strategy: Call Your Customer

Account based marketing(ABM) strategies are one of the hottest trends in sales and marketing. This strategy usually involves targeted emails, unique website pages, pay-per-click ad campaigns, and social media. But there is one complementary strategy to ABM that cannot be ignored: calling your prospects.

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