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Matt Stanton

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Top 3 Findings from New DePaul Sales Effectiveness Research

Dr. Rich Rocco, Research Director for the DePaul University Center for Sales Leadership recently presented his most recent findings from his Sales Effectiveness Research. 

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20 Time Management Tips for Full-Cycle Inside Sales Reps

Many sales teams utilize full-cycle inside sales reps who are responsible for the entire customer cycle from prospecting to close to renewal. This type of sales structure has its pros and cons. 

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Is it time to replace the term sales and marketing alignment?

As a marketing professional who works closely with a sales team, selling to sales executives… having a sales and marketing alignment process is easy. What is challenging is coming up with a name for this process. There are names for every other sales and marketing function, why can't we agree on a better term for 'sales and marketing alignment?

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Our Favorite B2B Sales Blog Posts of 2015

It's that time of year for review articles. The best of type stories. 2015 has been a really exciting time for the sales productivity world thanks in a large part to the major CRM players. The Salesforce appExchange has helped launch many excellent sales tools to enhance and expand the capabilities of Salesforce. So in the spirit of giving, enjoy these blog posts and have a Happy Holiday Season and Prosperous New Year!

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7 Tips to Maintaining Sales Productivity During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a lot of things, but one of them is a distraction from sales productivity. It can be a challenge to keep your B2B sales team on track.

The season heralds employee vacations, company parties and cold weather. How can you combat these challenges and turn them into opportunities to meet sales quotas and goals?

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Folloze and ConnectLeader introduce integrated service to improve B2B lead qualification

ConnectLeader and Folloze announce a partnership to offer an integrated solution that helps B2B sales and marketing teams improve lead qualification.

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Blog | HG Data and ConnectLeader Partner to Improve Higher Quality Conversations for B2B Sales Representatives

HG Data installed technology intelligence feeds critical data for new ConnectLeader Adaptilytics™ data intelligence platform.

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Tips for Developing an Effective Sales Acceleration Process

ConnectLeader is fortunate to have a great group of customers. Not only are they using our sales acceleration solutions to generate more conversations, they're coming up with innovative ways to use our solutions and ensure their sales reps are truly improving their productivity.

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B2B Sales Executives: Are you a coach or a manager?

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View Webinar Recording: From First Day to First Sale

How to have your new reps hitting their numbers in record time.

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