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What Does Your Sales Workflow Look Like?

As a sales manager, you can help your team's productivity by optimizing your sales workflow process. Have you spent time thinking about what an optimal sales workflow would look like for your business? If not, no need to worry. This blog post reviews the key elements you need to prioritize when building a successful sales workflow.

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Must-Have Traits For Hiring Successful Salespeople

Few experienced sales managers will say that hiring and retaining successful salespeople is easy. Statistics back this up. For instance, Harvard Business Review estimated that most organizations suffer an average yearly turnover rate of salespeople that falls between 25 to 30 percent. In fact, many companies spend more to recruit and hire sales talent than they spend on hiring for any other departments. High turnover hurts budgets because of lost productivity and replacement costs.

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The Science Behind Gamification in the Workplace And Why It Works

More popular than ever before, gamification in the workplace is a growing trend that's being used to improve our working environments. By using elements normally found in games, employers can help improve work performances, increase motivation, and drive up job satisfaction.

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Best Sales Tips: What You Can Learn From the Greatest Salespeople


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5 Tips to Improve Your Sales Productivity With a Sales Dialer

There are many best practices to keep in mind to help you your competitors in terms of phone sales. The secret is quality leads, and making more phone calls to each lead than competitors. Sales teams need a way to make calls as efficiently as possible in order to get more done in less time. You can rely upon phone dialer software to improve sales productivity and reduce manual labor.

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Is This the End of Relationship Selling?

Such notable companies as Uber, Amazon, and Salesforce have all invested heavily in artificial intelligence that can be used to automate sales and marketing. This includes digital assistance, language processing interfaces, and in particular, predictive analysis. Certainly, computers can take orders and even suggest products and provide customer service. It appears as if many large enterprises intend to have their customers mostly interface with machines.

Just last year, Amazon opened up a new kind of grocery store that lets customers make purchases without interfacing with any humans at all.

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4 Best Methods for B2B Companies to Automate Lead Generation

In today’s competitive business environment, B2B companies should rely upon efficient sales processes, top talent, and the right marketing technology in order to thrive and grow. At the same time, many sales teams struggle because they continue to rely upon the outdated practice of pushing as many leads as possible into the pipeline and then working them fast. Few salespeople will be surprised to learn that almost half of sales representatives said that they didn’t have the information they needed to effectively close sales calls. Without efficient ways to gather and nurture leads, businesses can’t compete against more sophisticated rivals. Luckily, almost all B2B companies can easily access the technology they need to make their sales teams more efficient and grow their businesses.

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The Genesis Behind Getting More Productivity rom Your CRM System

“It’s a fairly typical beginning for a lot of software companies,” said Jim Lochry, SVP Corporate Development for ConnectLeader. “They start out as a consulting company, looking at and solving problems.”

In 2008, the founder of ConnectLeader, Senraj Soundar, looked at the CRM space with the intent of making the next generation of CRM systems. What he found, according to Lochry, was that “companies weren’t getting value out of the CRM itself.” After looking at some of the large players emerging in this space, Senraj realized that he didn’t need to build the next greatest CRM, but to make a product and solution that would leverage the investment companies had already made in their selected CRM. He could see, as Lochry put it, “that all that data was there, but was not being exploited.”

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8 Facts You Must Know About Agent Assisted Outbound Dialing: It's not the dial, it's the conversation that counts.

Buying the right product with the right license model avoids downstream hassles.

We’re fortunate to live in a time that has technology solutions for nearly everything. Out of soap? There’s an app for that. Need a ride home? There’s an app for that too. Today, technology helps us solve most of our problems, whether they are difficult or mundane.

But if we can send a vehicle to mars, why can’t we reliably get prospects on the phone when outbound dialing? The expectation of having a live conversation with a prospect has changed radically. Here’s why: For decades, the telephone was the single most useful tool for sales. As telephones became a ubiquitous object on every desk, they became mundane and lost their “#1 useful tool” status.

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Inbound and Outbound Sales - Can't we all get along?

Over the past few years, inbound marketing companies seem to have captured the minds and hearts of not only corporate sales and marketing managers, but they also became the darlings of Wall Street. You need to only look at the stock valuation prices of Hubspot and Salesforce to validate this statement.

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