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10 Ways Your Sales Team Can Benefit from Outbound Calling Software


Every day we hear reasons why companies don't need to use outbound calling software. Often people confuse our product with call center software or lead generation services. So we put our sales heads together and came up with a list for 10 reasons WHY your sales team can benefit from outbound calling software (aka. live conversation automation, sales acceleration software, sales dialing software... you get the point).

Benefits from Outbound Calling Software

  1. You have geographical sales territories that are not being adequately covered
  2. There are aging leads that your inside sales tean haven't  called because they don't have enough time
  3. Your reps have so many inbound leads they can't keep up with today’s batch
  4. Reps have so many Open Tasks they never catch up
  5. You have Data Subscriptions (Discoverorg, Rainking, Zoominfo, etc) that are not  fully leveraged because your inside sales reps don’t have time to call them
  6. Event Follow Up Lists go untouched
  7. Maintenance Renewals  are not being adequately converted
  8. Sales reps are not penetrating key accounts because the team doesn’t have the bandwidth
  9. Your CEO wants to increase sales next quarter by 500%.... without hiring any new sales reps
  10. Marketing can't get enough customers to attend the company user conference

Companies of any size and shape can benefit from improving their sales calling productivity. No matter what their outbound calling velocity is, your sales reps can  make more dials, have more live conversations, and eventually close more deals.


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