Sales Pipeline Management: Are You In Control?

As a senior level sales executive, you know that sales pipeline management is critical to your success as an organization. With a healthy pipeline your sales reps have leads to call, deals to close, and you experience consistent sales and revenue growth. Would you like more conversations with qualified sales prospects that lead to better control of your sales forecasting, higher productivity, and more revenue?

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What Does Your Sales Workflow Look Like?

As a sales manager, you can help your team's productivity by optimizing your sales process. Have you spent time thinking about what an optimal sales workflow would look like for your business? If not, no need to worry. This blog post reviews the key elements you need to prioritize when building a successful sales workflow.

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What makes a good sales manager?

No two people and no two great sales managers have exactly the same personality or qualities. However, when comparing effective managers in your sales department, you will likely find they share a few critical traits. So, what makes a good sales manager? Is it talent, passion, or brains? If you look closely, you will see a few different factors combine to paint a picture of the best qualities of a sales manager.

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Sales Incentive Ideas For Salespeople

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. Valentine’s Day is a time for letting the important people in your life know that you appreciate them. That goes for your sales team!

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Importance of Sales Reporting in Marketing

Some days it feel as if salespeople come from Mars and marketers come from Venus. In order to improve revenue

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Sales Personality Test: Should You Hire for Sales Based on Personality Tests?

According to a survey of hiring practices by Dr. Tracy Kantrowitz, over 60 percent of companies use personality tests to help them vet job candidates. While a majority of companies use sales personality tests, few totally rely upon them. Other ways that sales hiring managers qualify applicants include role play, asking pointed questions, and learning about prior jobs, training, and education.

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How to Increase Your Close Ratio: Sales Tips for 2018

Increasing your close ratio doesn’t just mean more closed deals. It means you have more productive conversations with qualified prospects. If you’re looking to have a higher close ratio in 2018, read our tips below to learn how you can be more effective in the new year.

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Features to Look for in an Auto Dialer

You can find plenty of different auto dialer systems on the market these days. Now that you've decided auto dialer software can help grow your business, you just need to narrow down your choices. Choosing the right dialing technology affects your sales stack, and your bottom line.

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What Is Outbound Sales Cadence?

Everything needs a plan. Instead of sitting down and calling, it’s important you develop an outbound sales cadence that makes sense for your team and your prospects. Make sure you team is following through by making it realistic. Here’s a little bit more on what an outbound sales cadence is and the best ways to set yours up.

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ConnectLeader and Salesforce Maximize Value of Sales Cadence Process

The Sales Trend

Solutions that help sequence touches between prospects, or cadences, have recently taken the market by storm. These tools allow sales teams to more effectively reach out to prospects by providing the ability to set up, manage, and execute a discrete set of sales activities over a period of days, weeks, and even months.

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