Data Genie™ injects data intelligence into your CRM

datageniescreenshotAdaptilytics™ uses critical data insights to identify your best leads and sort your calling lists.

Data Genie provides a quick and easy way to view and inject that data directly into your CRM system.


Benefits of using Data Genie

Adds new Insights

Adaptilytics consumes data to prioritize and sort ConnectLeader calling lists. Data Genie allows...

Identifies bad data

Data Genie identifies and reports bad data during ConnectLeader dialing sessions. That intelligence...

Updates old contacts

Many data records are obsolete because people change jobs and move. Data Genie allows you to...

Three Steps towards On-Demand Data Enrichment


View data using Data Genie credits.


Instantly purchase data with prepaid Data Genie credits.


Once purchased the data is injected directly into CRM.