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ConnectLeader® Introduces Click Dialer™ – Easy-to-Use Click-to-Call software for all B2B sales reps

ConnectLeader Click Dialer is a new click-to-call softphone being launched as part of the ConnectLeader for Salesforce V2 upgrade. The app, which can be downloaded from  AppExchange, now provides B2B sales teams with three sales acceleration solutions to boost their sales productivity. With the introduction of Click Dialer, Connectleader expands the range of dialing speeds available for B2B sales reps, increasing sales dialing productivity over manual dialing from 30% to 800%.

Salem, NH – ConnectLeader®, innovator of the Personal Dialer® and Team Dialer® sales dialing technology, is pleased to announce the introduction of Click Dialer™, a click-to-call software native to Click Dialer helps sales reps save time by automating dialing and data entry tasks, all from one simple interface.

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ConnectLeader Becomes Oracle PartnerNetwork Gold Level Partner

ConnectLeader®, developer of Personal Dialer® and Team Dialer® sales dialing solutions, today announced it has achieved Gold Partner status in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). By attaining Gold Level membership, Oracle has recognized ConnectLeader for its commitment to establish Oracle related knowledge in delivering sales dialing technology and solutions, and for uniquely addressing the challenges of joint customers.

Attaining Gold Level status in OPN will allow ConnectLeader to expand their business and provide a high level of support to users of Oracle CRM On Demand.

 The ConnectLeader Sales Dialing Platform can enable Oracle CRM On Demand users to increase their outbound calling productivity by achieving more live conversations with prospective customers in less time. Users can create custom views within Oracle CRM On Demand and upload them directly into ConnectLeader. The ConnectLeader Personal Dialer solution automates the dialing process, allows sales reps to deliver pre-recorded voicemail messages, record activities, schedule follow ups, and connects calling and activity data with Oracle CRM On Demand. The Team Dialer solution extends the software by providing a team of human dialing agents to perform the non-productive dialing and call navigation tasks.

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ConnectLeader® Version 7.3 allows users to capture, track, and call new referrals directly from calling sessions

ConnectLeader, developer of Personal Dialer® and Team Dialer® sales dialing solutions, announces the availability of their latest update, version 7.3. ConnectLeader V7.3 features the ability to capture call referrals and immediately dial the number from ConnectLeader during an outbound dialing session.

Salem, NH – ConnectLeader has announced the latest version of the ConnectLeader Sales Acceleration Platform, version 7.3. This new version includes a number of innovative new features including referral tracking, context based display column mapping, enhanced dashboard usage trends, and more.

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ConnectLeader Introduces Online Scheduling for Team Dialer Users

New online scheduler feature allows ConnectLeader® Team Dialer™ users to schedule and manage their outbound calling sessions directly within the ConnectLeader platform.

The ConnectLeader Team Dialer is a sales acceleration solution that helps business development and inside sales reps improve their outbound dialing productivity by eliminating non-productive calling activity.

ConnectLeader customers have learned that pre-planning strategic calling sessions are more effective methods of outbound calling versus randomly placed calls without any advanced planning. The new online scheduling feature allows customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel their calling sessions from within the ConnectLeader application.

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ConnectLeader Announces Integration with NetSuite® CRM

The ConnectLeader® Sales Dialing platform now offers “out-of-the-box” integration with NetSuite® CRM allowing users to improve their sales process velocity.

The ConnectLeader Team Dialer™ and Personal Dialer™ sales acceleration solutions help NetSuite CRM users increase their personal sales productivity by accelerating the outbound dialing process and conducting more live phone conversations in less time.

The Connectleader dialing platform directly integrates with NetSuite CRM and does not require users to enter separate login credentials to use the ConnectLeader solution.

NetSuite CRM customers will benefit from ConnectLeader’s tight bi-directional integration, real-time analytics, and easy-to-use user interface with our standard product. There is no need for custom integration.  This is our third connector with top CRM vendors putting us in a unique position to offer integrated dialing capabilities for clients who have invested in different CRM technologies.”

Mark Lynch, Director of Sales and Business Development

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ConnectLeader Helps Sales Managers with Remote Coach Feature

B2B sales managers can remotely listen in on live conversations and “mentor” reps with “whisper mode” feature. 

ConnectLeader® announces the availability of the Remote Coach function as part of the ConnectLeader Version 5.0 enhancements. Remote Coach allows sales managers to listen in on calls in real time. The “Whisper Mode” allows the manager to ‘whisper’ instructions to the sales rep. without the customer hearing them.

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ConnectLeader Launches Integrated Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications

The ConnectLeader® dialing platform offers “out-of-the-box” integration with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Demand, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) allowing users to accelerate the outbound calling process and improve sales productivity.

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June 26, 2014, Salem, NH—The ConnectLeader Team Dialer™ and Personal Dialer™ sales acceleration solutions help Microsoft Dynamics CRM users increase sales productivity by accelerating the outbound dialing process and conducting more live phone conversations in less time. 

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ConnectLeader for Salesforce App helps B2B Sales Teams Connect with More Conversations

The ConnectLeader® dialing platform taps into the power of cloud technologies to help businesses accelerate their lead generation process.

Salem, NH –  ConnectLeader® has launched the ConnectLeader for Salesforce app, empowering businesses to connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways.

The app, now available on the Salesforce1 AppExchange, the world’s leading business apps marketplace, helps B2B sales reps connect with 7 to 12 live conversations in just one hour. Users can use their CRM credentials to login and does not require separate login procedures.

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