“Calling” Technology Closes Account Based Marketing Gaps

In 2004, ITSMA coined the phrase “Account Based Marketing” (ABM) and defined it as “treating individual accounts as a market in their own right.” It’s a structured approach for developing and implementing highly-customized marketing campaigns to markets of one, i.e., accounts, partners, or prospects. This approach, typically employed in enterprise-level sales organizations, involves marketing and sales taking a close look at key business issues facing the target, mapping them to individuals, and tailoring campaigns to address those issues.

A recent SiriusDecisions State of Account-Based Marketing survey showed that over 90% of marketers recognize the value of ABM. Companies utilizing ABM practices have reported better alignment with sales, increased abilities to close bigger deals with target accounts, while also increasing pipeline velocity.

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127 Businesses Talk Sales Acceleration; The CRM System Skinny You Need to Know

Part 1 of 3

As the sales landscape continues to change for organizations, the Center for Sales Leadership at DePaul University regularly conducts best-practices research to provide sales professionals and academics with timely information, insights, and direction on a range of sales and sales technology topics. Currently the center is trying to develop an understanding of one of the rapidly evolving areas of sales today: Sales Acceleration technology products and services.

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Social Selling and Predictive Analytics for Sales

Insights on Social Selling from LinkedIn’s Survey of Sales Executives

“The world of business is going through a seismic shift in how we engage with our clients; therefore, there will be leaders and laggards throughout this evolution,” says Alexander Low,
Head of Client Development, JLL. But what he is referring to? What’s this great change in how salespeople interact with their prospects? The answer is the same change that is revolutionizing all of our lives--the revolution is social networking--which in the business world, when it is used to find and nurture clients to maximize quality contacts, is called, “social selling.”

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You’ve Survived the Lean Times, But Are You Ready for Growth?

6 ways calling software solutions can help manage the happy problems of a high-growth environment.

Anyone looking at the headlines can guess that 2017 looks promising for a better business environment than we have seen in recent years. Regardless of what has brought this about, the important question is how to best take advantage of these changing market conditions. Outlined below are some of the questions business development, lead development and sales organizations will be asking themselves in the coming year. I myself was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the questions have the same answer!

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8 Facts You Must Know About Agent Assisted Outbound Dialing: It's not the dial, it's the conversation that counts.

Buying the right product with the right license model avoids downstream hassles.

We’re fortunate to live in a time that has technology solutions for nearly everything. Out of soap? There’s an app for that. Need a ride home? There’s an app for that too. Today, technology helps us solve most of our problems, whether they are difficult or mundane.

But if we can send a vehicle to mars, why can’t we reliably get prospects on the phone when outbound dialing? The expectation of having a live conversation with a prospect has changed radically. Here’s why: For decades, the telephone was the single most useful tool for sales. As telephones became a ubiquitous object on every desk, they became mundane and lost their “#1 useful tool” status.

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A Little Discipline Goes a Long Way

By: Pat Morrissey, Sales Manager

8 Reasons why cold calling should be pre-scheduled rather than an afterthought.

Although we live in an on-demand world, people still tend to perform their best when following a scheduled routine This is especially true when we look at the little things we do that contribute to our success. Just pick your favorite sports legend (LeBron James, Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, etc.) and you will undoubtedly find someone whose success is the result of many years of following a scheduled routine of practice and conditioning. Without a doubt, telephone prospecting falls into this category for salespeople. Although cold calling is often unpleasant and we rarely, if ever, “close the big deal” when we do it, most salespeople and sales leaders would agree that it needs to be done to bring success. Because cold calling can be unpleasant and results typically take a long time to materialize, it is very tempting for salespeople to put it to the back of the list to “get to it later.” Below are the top 7 reasons why salespeople should avoid this pitfall by pre-scheduling their phone prospecting sessions.

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Power Dialer Justification: 6 Reasons why a Power Dialer Supercharges SDRs

By Joe Cronin, Sales Manager ConnectLeader

Your company invested in Sales Development Reps (SDRs) because they can reach hard-to-find decision makers sooner and grow the customer base quickly.  This growth is notable because a prospect that is found via outbound calls, is much less competitive than a prospect that has filled out a form looking for similar offerings on other sites.

From a sales position comparison, SDRs are not as costly as other sales individuals to employ, but they are a considerable expense.  If you have SDRs making outbound calls for sales leads, you want them performing outbound dialing very efficiently, but more importantly, you want SDRs to have many sales conversations and to set lots of meetings.

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Inbound Marketing: Content is King & Outbound Marketing: Conversation is a Deity

For the last five years, inbound marketing has been in the limelight because it's aligned with the “Content is King” theory. Operating as part of a CRM system/process, inbound marketing delivers a valuable and steady stream of information to prospects in order to monitor engagement and predict the most opportune time to call.

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Salesforce Buying Spree; 5 Must-Know CRM Solution Enhancements

Have you been wondering why Salesforce has recently been acquiring companies such as Demandware, BeyondCore and MetaMind? The company is on a spending spree and emptied their coinpurse to a tune of over $4 billion in acquisitions over the last year and a half.  Recent acquisitions include:

  • Gravitytank, Undisclosed amount - The acquisition is expected to help Salesforce design and develop better software solutions to help customers across various industries to connect with partners, clients and employees in newer and more innovative ways.
  • Demandware, $2.8B - Offers new tools including personalization across mobile, web, and social media.
  • Krux, $700M - Is a cloud-based software with data tools that help marketers, media companies and ad agencies reach and engage customers.
  • Quip, $750M - Is a collaboration app featuring word processing, spreadsheets and a group of built-in editing and messaging tools.
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Salesforce and Twitter; The Need for a Better CRM Solution

Recently, Salesforce.com’s chief executive officer, Marc Benioff, made a bid to purchase Twitter. In fact, he has been on a shopping spree, snapping up companies such as Demandware for ecommerce and productivity software maker Quip Inc. In the last few years, he’s also purchased a slew of artificial intelligence startups that formed the basis for its new CRM solution, Einstein.

Is Marc onto something? And, why is Twitter, the company that Wall Street has written off, so valuable to a CRM Provider such as Salesforce.com? The simple answer: Knowledge!

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