Seeking a solution that helps your sales reps accomplish one day’s worth of conversations in only one hour?

If so, consider ConnectLeader - a solution comprised of patent pending technology combined with a team of trained professionals making calls and transferring live decision makers to you.

Our people dial, your sales reps dialogue with decision makers. Unlike predictive dialers, real professionals make the dials and our patent pending technology hands off the call as a decision maker picks up the call. Prospects get no delay, and sales reps know who is on the line beforehand, so conversations flow naturally. Companies such as Eagle Point Software, Liaison Technologies, and FMSI are increasing sales output without increasing headcount.


 I needed to shore up the holes quickly. For half the expense of the employee and without the management burden I’m getting the same result. We’ve really made up the production of those people plus some more at a much lower cost.”


Randy Ambrosy
Executive V.P
Eagle Point Software


Now a sales rep. has two to three one-hour dialing sessions per week. In one session the agents dial an average of 150 calls and the sales representative has an average of 7 live conversations.

Liaison_Technologies_LogoRob Consoli
V.P., Liaison Technologies


We have a standing goal for our telemarketing rep to get three appointments per week. Our rep killed that this year with ConnectLeader, usually getting 5 to 8 appointments per week.

Chad Davis


ConnectLeader to Sponsor Inside Sales 2014 - Boston


ConnectLeader Announces Integrated Connector for Users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications

The ConnectLeader® dialing platform offers “out-of-the-box” integration with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Demand, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) allowing users to accelerate the outbound calling process and improve sales productivity.