ConnectLeader Sales Dialing Platform, a solution that fits your calling speed, gives visibility into the calling process,  and real-time list scrubbing.

The ConnectLeader® Sales Dialing Platform provides three unique solutions for sales and marketing teams of any size. Fully integrated with the top cloud-based CRM systems, users can choose to use the dialing software that matches their calling style. Improves sales productivity, accelerates sales cycle,  and generates higher CRM adoption rates.

Click Dialer Click to Call Software for Salesforce

One Click Dialing Embedded within

  • Great for Strategic Selling and Social Selling
  • Click on Number and Software Dials
  • Pre-record and drop voicemail messages
  • Send email messages
  • Sync call results and follow-up activities with Salesforce

Personal Dialer Inside Sales Dialing Software

Improve Your Personal Sales Productivity

  • Great for Inside Sales and Demand Gen Reps
  • Engage and qualify with prospects faster
  • List-based dialing software
  • Remote Coach - Monitor and whisper to reps. during call
Team Dialer Live Conversation Automation

Have a Day's Worth of Conversations in One Hour

Our people dial.

Your sales team have more live conversations.

  • Great for Business Development Reps and Sales Development Reps
  • A team of human agents dial numbers using sales dialing software
  • Have 10 plus conversations in an hour


CRM Integration

ConnectLeader has tight integrations and partnerships with leading cloud-based CRM systems.


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ConnectLeader for Microsoft Dynamics CRMConnectLeader for NetSuite CRMConnectLeader for Zoho CRM


Recruiting Software Integration

ConnectLeader for bullhorn recruiting software




Companies such as Xangati, Inc., Eagle Point Software, Liaison Technologies, and FMSI are increasing sales output without increasing headcount.


I call them until I speak to them live. Team Dialer has really been great as far as contacting people and getting in touch with people we’ve been having a hard time connecting with.” 

Scott Serpa, Inside Sales Manager, Xangati, Inc.




I needed to shore up the holes quickly. For half the expense of the employee and without the management burden I’m getting the same result. We’ve really made up the production of those people plus some more at a much lower cost.”

Randy Ambrosy, Executive VP, Eagle Point Software


Now a sales rep. has two to three one-hour dialing sessions per week. In one session the agents dial an average of 150 calls and the sales representative has an average of 7 live conversations."

Rob Consoli, Vice President, Liaison Technologies


We have a standing goal for our telemarketing rep to get three appointments per week. Our rep killed that this year with ConnectLeader, usually getting 5 to 8 appointments per week."

Chad Davis, Vice President, FMSI


ConnectLeader CEO Senraj Soundar Featured in BusinessNH Magazine (View Article)



WEBINAR: BrightTalk Sales Engagement Summit, March 12, 2015

Delivering Predictable Results for the High Growth Sales Groups

Presented by Matt Stanton, VP Sales, ConnectLeader


AA-ISP San Francisco, February 12, 2015

Matt Stanton, Vice President of Sales presented Delivering Predictable Results for the High Growth Sales Organization.