ConnectLeader Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform

The ConnectLeader Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform delivers revenue growth and sales productivity.

We prioritize the right prospects to connect with, and improve multi channel communication by empowering sales reps with the correct tools based on their roles.

ConnectLeader provides sales acceleration technologies for all types of sales roles to increase their top line revenue by increasing productivity up to 800%. Our Intelligent Sales Acceleration platform gives sales, lead generation, and marketing teams powerful tools to identify the right prospects, obtain accurate contact data, and enable accelerated communication using our sales connectivity optimization and lead nurturing solutions. Beware, one size does not fit all! Successful business lead generation programs require different sales acceleration tools for different sales roles - our platform provides all of them. The patented cloud-based technology is built on the Adaptilytics™ predictive intelligence engine which identifies and prioritizes prospect lists ensuring your best sales leads are contacted first. Adaptilytics self-learns by analyzing more than 5 billion data points. For sales teams that want to enrich and improve CRM database ‘on-the-fly’, our Data Genie™ delivers accurate contact data and intelligence from third party data sources directly to your CRM system.

Click Dialer® Click-to-Call Software

Click Dialer® Click-to-Call Software

A flexible dialer app for Salesforce. Local caller ID, call recording

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Personal Dialer®  Power Dialing Software

Personal Dialer® Power Dialing Software

List-based power dialing software for inside sales reps

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Team Dialer®  Live Conversation Automation

Team Dialer® Live Conversation Automation

Agent-assisted auto dialing solution. Increase sales connectivity by up to 800%.

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Predictive Analytics Engine Lead Sorting using Big Data predictive analytics. Improves outbound...

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Data Genie®

Data Genie®

Add and update account and contact data via ConnectLeader

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Gamification and Sales Performance Management software…..

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ConnectLeader for Salesforce

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2016 GBA Silver
CRM Excellence New 16
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"ConnectLeader is a life saver. It helps my team achieve their goals, it helps me achieve my goals, and it gives me the confidence that I can forecast my meetings and my goals to my boss."

Liz McKenna Inside Sales Manager, DataGravity

Jeff Hendricks Business Development Representative, VorsightBP

"I’m impressed with the science that goes behind Adaptilytics. The Adaptilytics lead scoring process and contactability function has greatly improved our team’s efficiency for reaching out to new prospects. This process has resulted in an increase in our pick-up rates, more conversations, and ultimately better quality leads."

Jeff Hendricks Business Development Representative, VorsightBP

Michael Yallech Arctic Wolf, Head of Sales

"For us to expect measurable success just having our sales team to hit the phones and start dialing was crazy. We needed some type of automated dialing service integrated with our internal CRM to truly hit our numbers. The cost for ConnectLeader is absolutely justifiable."

Michael Yallech Arctic Wolf, Head of Sales

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